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Most Memorable Marketing Campaigns of 2018

It’s nearly July, which means the year is somehow already half gone. With the beginning of summer well under way, we’ve decided to give praise to the most stand-out, noteworthy marketing campaigns of 2018.

From Spotify’s Queer Eye Twitter Promotion to Elon Musk sending a Tesla into space, there is no shortage of marketing activations that move the needle on creativity. The power of such campaigns not only positively enhances our social space and the content we consume, but also they have the ability to spark individual introspection and drive imagination. Plus, they’re just downright cool pieces of content to share with others.

Most importantly, marketing campaigns often play into the national and global conversation in an effort to spotlight and effect change on a mass scale regarding topics such as LGBTQ+ rights, female inequality, environmental crises, and immigration.

Read on for a look at this years most monumental marketing campaigns.


Patagonia “Blue Heart” Documentary

There is no question that our Earth is hurting and the fight for conservation efforts needs a great deal more attention than it’s receiving. Patagonia continues to use its platform to advocate for and show its commitment to the environment. The use of documentary filmmaking to spotlight environmental crises around the world is one of their most notable visual tools for change. Recently, they created a film addressing the last wild rivers of Europe being industrialized with hydropower plants. Following the films completion, Patagonia is delivering a petition to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to appeal the decision. The strategic use of social promotion through compelling video content enabled this campaign to reach millions of viewers around the world. Watch here.


Vans Vision Walk

This year, shoewear and apparel megabrand Vans promoted its first ever “Vision Walk” across social media. The video highlights young photographers exploring their surroundings and creating content without fear of judgement or rejection, just relying on confidence and feeling self-assured in knowing that if you truly love what you do, then to let that unwavered passion be the driving force. Learn more or watch here


Nike’s BeTRUE Campaign:

In May, Nike announced the arrival of its BeTRUE: Reclaiming the Past, Empowering the Future collection on Twitter. The new clothing and shoe line celebrates the LGBTQ+ community through the use of colors and symbols of significance from the LGBTQ+ rights movement throughout time. “The color’s historical connotations preceded the rainbow symbol’s widespread popularity in the 1970s, appearing on garments as a kind of quiet language among the community. In three of the shoes, the importance of purple carries through in the inclusion of a unique “pulse” shade.
Learn more.


The Handwriting of Musical Legends

This year, two creatives came together to turn the handwriting of four musical geniuses—David Bowie, Kurt Cobain, Leonard Cohen, and Serge Gainsbourg—into downloadable fonts for use with the goal of inspiring today’s poets and songwriters. This campaign gained virality and added exposure after the artist estates claimed intellectual property violations and the site was eventually shut down. For a look at some of the fonts and pieces of writing that went on to define the lives of these legends, read the full story.


The North Face: ‘Move Mountains’

The brand highlights stories of adventurous women through the “Move Mountains” campaign, aligning with their outdoor and adventure-centric merchandise. The North Face, leveraging print and commercial ad spots featuring athletes and trailblazing women as well as a partnership with Girls Scouts of the USA, is living out their commitment to equal representation of women in all of the brand’s advertising, social media and content. See it for yourself here.

Tesla x SpaceX Launch

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket sent a Tesla vehicle to space, resulting in incredible marketing for all of Elon Musk’s brands. Millions of people worldwide watched the rocket launch, making this Tesla the first car in space. Oh yeah, not to mention the serious value that came from a $0 ad budget. Read the full story here.

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