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Maximizing Your Social Press Kit

You’ve worked tirelessly on marketing your fundraising campaign, film release, or organization– now it’s time to enlist your network to help spread the word. Here’s your guide to the top ten ways to make the most of your Social Press Kit!

Your supporters are important, busy individuals, and between having to download the attachment or copy/paste text, possible technical difficulties, and using the correct link, CTA and language, there are several barriers to them posting on social. Whether your goal is to get 1 celebrity to share, 10 board members to share, or 10,000 volunteers to share, building a social media toolkit with Social Press Kit ensures that they have exactly what they need to easily get involved.


1. Make Sure Your Press Kit Reflects Your Brand

When your supporters visit your Press Kit, they should feel like it’s a continuation of your website or brand. Change your Header Image to something that captures your organization or campaign identity. Be sure to change the Featured Color, choose a descriptive Press Kit name, and add your organization’s Social Accounts.

ProTip: You can download a photoshop template from Edit Mode on your SPK, at the top of the page where it says “Get PSD Template.”


2. Grab Their Attention with the Display Alert Bar

Turning on your Display Alert Bar, you can add some attention-grabbing information to help your advocates. Use this space to highlight a specific ask or a key date, embed a video with information about the campaign, or provide instructions on how to use your Social Press Kit.


3. Create Posts Your Supporters Want to Share!

Find what your supporters like best and prioritize those social posts and platforms. From your Analytics Dashboard, you can see what social platforms your users prefer, and a breakdown of how many people shared which individual posts. If you see that your supporters prefer Twitter and love sharing posts with GIFs, you can focus your attention on those types of posts in your next campaign.

ProTip: You can export an Analytics Report to present your success to your client or leadership!


4. Include Eye-Catching Images, Videos & GIFs with Your Posts

Create and include media with each post: high-quality images and video are becoming increasingly necessary for someone to pause from their never-ending scroll and take in information. Repurpose the great assets and copy you use on your own social media posts and equip your supporters with those materials!


5. If it’s Top Secret, Keep it That Way

Are you sending your SPK to your talent’s social media manager or to your Board of Directors? Or need to make sure the campaign stays under-wraps before launch? From Edit Mode on your Press Kit, turn on Password Protect in the top left if you want your supporters to enter a password before they can view and share your social content.


6. If it’s Not Top Secret, Spread the Word!

There are several ways to get your Social Press Kit out there and encourage participation. Leverage the fact that your Press Kit lives on a unique URL, and therefore is a living hub for the most accurate, up-to-date information. Send it out via email or text to get people sharing! Check out this case study on how one organization was able to engage thousands during their awareness month.

ProTip: Not sure why earned media is important? This white paper covers why you should cut back on the influencer and paid media budgets until you are activating the supporters you already have!


7. Build Your SPK into Your Website

From your Dashboard, clicking on Embed will show you snippets of code for each Press Kit. Simply copy/paste the code once onto your website or a web page you manage to populate the live SPK on your site! Any changes you make to your SPK will be reflected in real time, and all shares from the embedded page will also be tracked in your Analytics.

ProTip: Create a “Get Involved” page on your website so supporters and fans have easy access to the most relevant social content.


8. Organize Your Content for Streamlined Sharing

Need to separate your content for different user groups, initiatives, languages and more? There are several ways to organize your SPK content. Organize your posts into separate Campaigns, or content collections, that stack within your single Press Kit page. You can also use Content Tabs within a single page to divide your content.

ProTip: Have several groups, chapters or initiatives that would benefit from individual Press Kits? If you plan to have 10 or more SPKs active at any time, our Enterprise Plans offer significant cost savings, priority support and easy Admin management! Email to learn more. 


9. Ease Them In

If you’ve never sent out a Social Press Kit before, be sure to help your advocates understand what the tool is and why you’re using it. Some sample text is:

We need your help to spread the word! Check-out our Social Press Kit with ready-to-share posts about our initiative. Don’t worry, we don’t store any of your account info– this just makes it as easy as possible for you to get involved!

ProTip: Take a screenshot of your SPK and hyperlink it in the body of your email so your supporters can get a quick preview of what’s in store.


10. Timing is Everything

If you want your supporters to share something tomorrow, today shouldn’t be the first time they’re hearing this ask! Make sure to send out your SPK early so they know what you need them sharing about. The Timeline fields under each post and the Key Dates at the top of each campaign can help give your supporters context on when to share what.

But wait, what if your big push is tomorrow? No problem! The click-to-post capability of SPK means that your supporters don’t need a ton of time to prepare, so you can still boost your engagement in the final hour!


Don’t have Social Press Kit yet?

With Social Press Kit, your advocates, supporters and influencers can distribute your approved social content to their personal networks in one click!

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