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Breaking Through the Clutter

How to get people to actually pay attention to your messaging.

With the influx of marketing messaging in the new digital age, it’s harder for brands to stay relevant in the eyes of the consumer. Consumers are constantly divided across multiple screens, so the fight for their attention is harder than ever. In fact, the average person is subjected to 10,000 unsolicited brand messages every day. With new technologies and social platforms developing daily, this number is expected to increase. So, want to know how to get the most bang for your buck? Here are a few tips and tricks on how to break through the clutter and win over the hearts of consumers.


How can you make sure your messaging sticks?



Appeal to your audiences’ pathos by evoking emotion. Whether it be shock, sadness, or happiness, make your audience feel! Studies show that people rely heavily on their emotions as opposed to information when making decisions. Implement this “feelings first” strategy by creating inspirational campaigns that incorporate key storytelling components such as emotion, authenticity, and simplicity. Stories work best when they’re easy to digest, credible, and play to the audiences’ feelings. Don’t overthink every minute detail, stick to the basics and you’ll be golden.


The 3 keys to knocking it out of the park every time.


Girl who crushed it GIF


Great marketing and advertising is simple, relevant, and surprising. When developing a marketing campaign, ensure that all messages clearly express what product or service is being sold. Clarity is key when it comes to gaining the attention of consumers. Next, confirm that the message conveys a relevant benefit to the consumer. A meaningful benefit needs to shine through or else audiences are likely to look past. If you’re ever unsure if your messaging touches on this point put yourself in the consumers’ shoes and ask yourself, “what’s in it for me?” If you cannot clearly answer this question, consider revising the messaging until you can. Finally, the content in your marketing campaign should be simple and easy for consumers to process. Eliminate all of the fluff and get straight to the point. You’re fighting for attention and don’t have eternity to state your case. Make every word count.


Make sure your advertising is processed at a conscious level.


The simplest explanation is generally the best


The brain decides whether to place information in short or long-term memory by ranking the importance of the information based on relevance and impact. To move information from short to long-term memory, you’ll need to increase the perceived importance of a message by focusing on its relevance and impact. To ensure that your brand is top of mind for consumers, structure your messaging to meet your audience’s wants and needs. By understanding who your audience is and their behaviors, you can construct attention-grabbing campaigns that also add value to their lives.


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About the Author: Sarah Levy

Sarah is a marketing specialist. She has a passion for discovering the latest social media trends and binge-watching reality television.


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