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5 Newsletters Every Marketer Needs to Subscribe to

Whether you are new to marketing or an experienced marketer, there’s always more to learn about the field. Subscribing to digital newsletters is one of the best ways to stay on top of the ins and outs of the industry. There are A LOT of marketing newsletters out there… 

And let’s be real, are you really going to read each piece of content from the twenty newsletters you subscribed to? Highly doubt it. So let us help you cut through the noise and introduce our favorite marketing newsletters in the market right now. We’ve graded each newsletter based on content, readability, and format.


Animalz provides a weekly digest on the world’s best startup and tech companies. They mainly focus on three areas: strategy, writing, and data. The writing section deserves a special shoutout; they have step-by-step guides on blog writing, persuasive writing, and many more. 

Overall score: 4/5 

We love the concise content, just wish there were more each time!


Stacked Marketer

If you’re looking for the most relevant marketing tips and tricks delivered every morning, then Stacked Marketer is the newsletter for you. Reading Stacked Marketer’s newsletter is like scrolling through a well-curated marketing TikTok page. Their daily content is bite-sized and digestible, providing information on the latest marketing news and trends.

Overall score: 4/5 

There’s always a great variety of topics! A daily newsletter may be too much for some, but it’s definitely worth the scroll through.



Ariyh stands for “Academic research in your hands,” which pretty much sums up Ariyh’s area of focus. Once a week, Ariyh sends an evidence-based marketing newsletter from a research paper to your inbox. You may be thinking: “But are there that many research papers out there that can help with my marketing?” The answer is no, but Ariyh extracts that 1-2% that is highly impactful for marketers.

Overall score: 5/5

A practical, science-based approach to marketing is refreshing and effective! 



Specializing in social media for businesses, Buffer offers a weekly newsletter with curated content to help marketers build an audience organically. Topics range from successful business social media presence to new trends to experiment on social platforms. We love how Buffer guides you step by step to implement new social media strategies into your business and social channels!

Overall score: 5/5

It’s impressive how they pack their newsletter with information while still making it digestible and organized!


Marketing Brew

Marketing Brew sends the latest stories shaping the marketing industry to your mailbox thrice weekly. They guarantee it is “marketing news you’ll actually want to read,” and they aren’t lying! Each newsletter is thoughtfully curated with three headlining stories that are informative and entertaining to read. 

Overall score: 5/5

A well-rounded, engaging, and practical newsletter for the most curious marketers out there! We especially love the newsletter’s organized structure and fun images. 


Subscribing to newsletters is one of the most efficient ways to draw inspiration and follow current trends without scouring the internet. Don’t let too many newsletters derail you from that goal.  Let this article be a guide to your new favorite marketing newsletter to spark that internal curiosity.  

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